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Fall Equinox party!

San Antonio Barefoot Yoga Meetup

Yoga, acupuncture, Ashiatsu & Ashi-Thai massage, a bike ride around Alamo Heights, beer and fresh squeezed juice.

D&D 5th Ed.- The Adventures of Clan Backwater-Beardwax

SA Gamers

Please message the GM (DavidB)  to obtain approval to join this game. Let him know who you are and your idea for the next addition to the Backwater-Beardwax clan. This is a continuation of the adventures of the most inept, surly group of related...

Speed Networking

San Antonio REIA

The San Antonio REIA will be hosting ‘Speed Networking’ on September 23rd, at the Hilton Airport Hotel San Antonio starting at 6pm. Topic: Speed Networking Speaker: TBA About the Presentation: September 23rd is Speed Networking, our...

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Welcome to my new web site

Please have a look around, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if I can be of assistance.

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