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See Broadway Hits at the McNay Art Museum and enjoy dining at Twin Sisters.
2-23-17 6:00 pm - Dragon's Lair

Senior Girlfriends Only Please As musicals enter their second century, Broadway continues to play a lead role in defining what it means to be American. Drawing upon the McNay’s theatre collection, this exhibition takes a selective look at the...

Dinner 🍽 Planning
2-23-17 6:00 pm - Dragon's Lair
San Antonio Freedom Adventure Travel Club

What better way to plan than with dinner and friends !Extending an invite to join and chime in on places we could all go to ! During a recent outdoor meeting so many ideas and sharing experiences stirred up the suggestion to do this at least once...

SA Board Gamers Thursday night gaming
2-23-17 6:00 pm - Dragon's Lair
San Antonio Board Gamers

Come and join us for Thursday night gaming! As always this is an open gaming event. We play a variety of Euro style games, Fantasy Flight games, and the occasional wargame. Come and try out new games or bring your own and share them with the...

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